"Ryan" by Chris Landreth

My recent blog poll showed that readers wanted "more" posts about art and new media. Frankly, I’m glad that it got the votes yet embarrassed that it took a poll to get me to write about the subject. I’m getting my Masters in Art & Design - there is no excuses for not having more art related posts. I have officially stopped ignoring my artistic side and plan to introduce you to artists and works (mostly within animation) that interest me.

Chris Landreth is an engineer turned animator that is most known for his short film, Ryan. Landreth won an Oscar for Ryan in 2005 for Best Short Film. A couple years ago, Landreth came and spoke during my animation studio. I was completely blown away by his works both aesthetically and conceptually.

Ryan is a touching story, infused with creativity, emotion and metaphors, that provide a number of avenues to be explored and interpreted. Click here to view Ryan on YouTube. Enjoy!

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