Re-usable Sandwich & Snack Bag

Taking your lunch into work everyday saves money as well as helps you to stay healthy. Although the amount of garbage produced from take home lunch may be less than take out, there is still the plastic baggies that are left to throw away. It bothers me that I am throwing away baggies daily.

I contacted my cousin who has a sewing business, FrayBaby, and asked if she could fulfill a special request to make a re-usable sandwich bag. She created bags out of a fabric that is functional for carrying food and is waterproof and anti-microbial. To clean the bags, just flip them inside out and wipe clean or throw them in the washing machine. The bags are both machine washable and dryer safe.

The bags come in various colors and patterns and can hold a big sandwich or any other foods such as fruits or crackers. Its a perfect solution! She is also fulfilling a special request for some man-fabric sandwich bags so that Ronnie doesn't kill me when I send him to work with a pink flowery sandwich bag. These sandwich bags make bringing lunch to work even more cost efficient. You will no longer have to continually buy little plastic baggies and it's eco-friendly! Plus, they look good too.

Click here to order a sandwich bag or check out other FrayBaby products on Etsy.

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