Healthy Convenience

Typically, my fiancé, Ronnie, and I cook dinner every night except for Friday when we go out to our favorite sushi restaurant, Shiki Sushi. However, there are those times when you don’t have the time to cook and it’s easier to grab/pick something up. The problem with getting something on the go is that convenience, inexpensive and health sometimes don’t go hand in hand however it is possible. Here are a couple of my favorite picks in the Raleigh area…

The Flying Biscuit just recently opened up in Cameron Village. They serve breakfast at all times and offer vegan and vegetarian options. Ronnie likes it because his favorite meal is breakfast and they offer healthier alternatives such as turkey bacon as opposed to bacon. I’m a lunch/dinner type of girl and was very pleased with their veggie burger. It was a little too thin (I still like a thick burger even if its not meat) however the spices tasted great. They also offer black bean cakes with salsa that I’m excited to try out next time.

Neomande is a Lebanese and Mediterranean café and market. They have the best hummus that I have ever had. In addition, their pita bread has no preservatives or sugar. It only contains four ingredients – flour, yeast, salt and water. Other delicious items are their black bean and garbanzo bean salad as well as their cous cous. Ronnie loves their chicken kabobs. You can eat in, take out or even buy containers of hummus, dips or salads to stick in the fridge as easy and quick bites for the week.

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