Mama's Got a Brand New Blog

Okay, well my name's not mama but I seem to have a compulsion to make blog titles as witty as possible. Whether I’m successful at that or not, you be the judge.

So, who am I? Well I'm me and, after its new makeover, so is my blog. Let me elaborate. Many people in my life including my mom, my sister, my friends, my soon-to-be mother-in-law and co-workers have a phrase they use when describing my accessories, clothes or other possessions. They say, “that is very you”. Someone must have sent a memo out because everyone has come up with the same phrase. I’m assuming it means different or artsy but I’m not entirely sure. However, I take it as a compliment that no other adjective can describe my stuff better than just “me”.

So, the blog got a makeover. I was tired of the standard template and would cringe every time I saw another blog with the same template, which was often considering there are tons of bloggers and few templates. So, I spent a few hours
in Photoshop last night to create the banner. I’m very pleased with it and hope all my fellow floggers (friend bloggers) are jealous. =P So, here’s to the new and improved blog design. I hope you think it’s very ME!


  1. I love the new design -- so cool les!

  2. Wow, "it is so you"..I kid, I kid...

    But do take that comment as a compliment - you are unique, original, and wonderful : )